Vito Acconci, a Leading Figure in Performance Art, Dies at 77

Categories: Inspiration, Public

Vito Acconci, a powerful figure across a variety of mediums from performance art to landscape architecture has passed away at the age of 77. Born in the Bronx in 1940, Acconci’s career lasted over 50 years, one of his pieces dating back to 2012 installed in Toronto’s Fort York area. The piece is made of hand-hammered steel ribbons weaving through the towers, creating an interactive aspect of bucket seating and benches. An article by Azure Magazine identifies Acconci in stating, “The idea of privacy seems wrong to me,” for the interwoven aspect of the work creates an ambiguous relationship between public and private space. Acconci work, had a lasting impact on the art world, creating a complex dynamic between art and architecture. His cause of death has not been identified but widely speculated by Artnet as a stroke.

Photo by Jack Kazmierski at Azure Media