TAP Congratulates Sir David Ajdaye

Categories: Ideas, Public

Tatar Art Projects would like to congratulate Sir David Adjaye on his recent knighthood and being recognized as one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential 100 People of 2017.

TAP approached Adjaye Associates, London, UK, to collaborate on a submission for the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa in 2014. While not ultimately selected, our submission was shortlisted to one of the six semi-finalists out of 75 entries. This is another great example of global interest in Canada’s growing presence on the world stage of art and architecture.

“We often reach out to acclaimed international talent to bring the best to our clients,” says Judith Tatar, TAP’s Principal & Creative Director. “We are currently working with a renowned European artist who will unveil a major contribution to Toronto in the Fall.”

The design team created monolithic concrete walls to form twenty-two passages, each representing a country where Jewish communities suffered during the Holocaust. With only one visitor able to pass through each gap at a time, explorations of the monument become a deeply personal and reverent ritual.

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