Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel

TAP created an art program that invites you to experience both the boutique sophistication and rich history of this alluring re-born southern city – Charleston, South Carolina.

Often referred to as “the diva of the South”, the city is easily recognizable for it’s pastel-antebellum styled architecture, rich and colourful foods, and sense of heritage. This city is the perfect mash-up of old school southern charm and high society refinement.

As part of the Marriott branch, The Renaissance Charleston Historic District hotel constantly balances between the tug of the past and the rush of the new. TAP draws from this unique juxtaposition to create a guest experience that instills a new sense of place while simultaneously paying homage to this historically-rich city.

Tasked with sourcing works for the hotel’s newly transformed guestrooms, TAP looked to artworks that present a sense of history in a witty and eccentric way.