Macdonald Block Reconstruction

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Tatar Art Projects is part of Winning Bid Team with WZMH & PCL for long-term renovation and reconstruction of the Macdonald Block Complex in downtown Toronto.

Exterior View from 900 Bay St.

The Macdonald Block Complex is the administrative hub of Ontario government operations, and has a total gross building area of approximately 1.7 million square feet. Completed in  1971, the Macdonald Block Complex has never undergone a major renovation. 

Aerial view of Complex depicting landscaping & Extensive Green Roof Development

The reconstruction team includes Fengate Asset Management, PCL Investments Canada, PCL Constructors Canada Inc, WZMH Architects and its affiliated designers and engineers. 

Tatar Art Projects and its affiliates are overseeing the art conservation efforts as part of the team responsible for preserving the integrity of the complex’s many heritage features, of which the extensive collection of artworks is a part.

Heritage Artwork in Ferguson Tower Lobby – Untitled (The End of Time) c. 1966 by Jordi Bonet

The reconstruction project will update all core building systems, including electrical, water, cooling and heating, which have reached the end of their useful life, and must be replaced. It will also update office accommodations to meet modern accessibility standards.

Main Lobby at 900 Bay St.

Each building in the complex will be taken back to its original building core, remediated and rebuilt using modern technologies, systems and materials. The newly reconstructed complex will meet current building, health, safety, and accessibility standards and will accommodate significantly more employees through more efficient use of this government owned office space.