Art as the Amenity

Categories: Hospitality, Studio
Lux interiors and whimsical art

One of Tatar Art Project’s greatest strengths is our extensive history in hospitality, shown in the volume of high quality art curations we have brought to our hotelier clients over the past 20+ years. Our recent completion at the Broadview Hotel blends archival references with contemporary techniques to create pieces that pay homage to Broadview’s colourful and varied past while looking into the future of Toronto’s creative scene. We view art as an integral amenity to a hotel’s experience, and the result is a distinctive experience from top to bottom that reminds guests of the value in their stay at the Broadview.

Image and Identity

Art is an incredibly powerful tool that draws in guests and visitors not only through visual appeal, but as a focal image for conversation and social media sharing. Central to our mission at TAP is approaching art as cultural amenity, not simply decoration. This is because over the years a consistent takeaway from many of our projects is that thought-provoking, interesting art directly translates to conversation within social groups. Mind share and consumer awareness can be elusive, especially in our current digital era of marketing. Defining a space with bold, tangible, well directed art pieces can be one of the most effective ways to build an environment that generates personal word-of-mouth recommendations, as well as promote brand and identity.

Cachet is Key

Jennifer Ilett's cheeky powder room drawing
Historically, art was a symbol of wealth and high-end hospitality reflected these values with extensive collections from well established names set within luxurious interiors and amenities to match. However, material signs of wealth continue to give way to a new wave of economic growth specializing in social and cultural services when travelling. Airbnb’s introduction of ‘Experiences’ in 2017 is indicative of a growing demand by tourists and locals alike in creating unique memories; of particular value are moments that cultivate social cachet on platforms like Instagram. By way of photographs, paintings, and engaging installations, hotels have the ability to express a distinctive identity that displays locale and community while setting them apart from competitors.

Untapped Potential

The home-sharing industry can be of particular competition during peak season when rooms are scarce and travellers are abundant. These accommodations succeed because of their relative affordability and slim amenities, while the traveller spends time at museums and galleries to fill their cultural appetite. However, hotels have both the space and resources to become destinations themselves. By providing healthy communal spaces with intriguing art programs, guests are encouraged to invite friends and congregate within the hotel. At the same time, this attraction of people starts a talking point that draws the casual passerby inside. Curating a sense of discovery within a hotel property generates buzz that incentivizes prospective travellers to spend extra in exchange for a combination of culture and convenience during their stay.